Shelly Ray Hickman is definitely an character that is exceptional today’s reality stars.

Shelly Ray Hickman is definitely an character that is exceptional today’s reality stars.

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The Lady Killer

About Shelly

She’s openly a lesbian, from time to time politically wrong, and brazenly outspoken. Fans associated with the Oxygen-dubbed “Lady Killer” have seen her wit that is unabashed confrontational humor riotously on display on period 7 of Oxygen’s hit reality show, Bad Girls Club.

Shelly is among the leading characters in the present period of Bad Girls Club; and has now developed her very own storyline in the hit show and been able to amass hours of airtime. Her feud that is ongoing with cast users especially Judi, disputes with homophobic Mardi Gras protesters, and controversial visits from her girlfriend Sarah that is in the army keep the house filled with excitement. Shelly is called a “bully” on the show but keeps she believes in every chance she gets that she only reacts when provoked and stands up for what. “I’m a Bad Girl I believe in and what is right because I stand up for what. We don’t care about the price or the consequence. I don’t care the other people think so long as the individuals We worry about are g d and ” that is safe explains Shelly.

Created and raised in St Louis, Missouri, Shelly hasn’t constantly led the coddled life of a celebrity. Quite the opposite as she survived a turbulent childh d with a medication addicted mom who had been inside and out of prison. Before truth tv, Shelly’s typical day consisted of getting together with buddies, family members additionally the rescued dog that she known as after her favorite jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald. Shelly invested her nights as being a bartender and go-go dancer for several nightclubs in St Louis where her popularity grew throughout the town.

Because the show, Shelly has modeled for Red Bull, just one single clothing, Hot Heads Hair Extensions, XOXO Magazine, and contains been interviewed for all web sites and stereo. She is currently traveling the nation showing up and hosting also celebrity bartending at nightclubs. Shelly has projects into the works including her website that is own lines, truth show, and more. Hoping to make use of her life experiences to keep the philanthropic work she began before being a television character , Shelly intends to provide her new found popularity not only to fighting for children who desire a role that is positive inside their life but to such charities and businesses as PETA, Animal Humane Society, GLAAD, and NOH8 . Shelly is ready to speak to the media concerning her battles along with her fellow cast members, just what really happened inside your home with Cheyenne and how her gf Sarah felt she has coming out s n and other exclusive details about it, her sexuality and troubled past as well as products. The “Lady Killer” is willing to give her most candid interviews yet to pick news outlets.

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