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Rs. 550 Fish Tikka

( Marinated with Egg and Yoghurt)


Rs. 630 Mela Kabab

( Marinated with Cashewnut, Cream & Cheese)

Rs. 580 Malai Kabab

(Marinated with Spices Cashew Paste & Cream)

Rs. 570 Tikka Kabab

(Marinated with Besan Egg Yoghurt)


Rs. 575 Mutton Kassa

(Bengali Special, Mutton cooked in Ginger Garlic Paste in Thick Red Gravy)

Rs. 565 Mutton Korma

(Cooked in Thick Yellow Gravy of Cashewnut & Magaz)

Rs. 595 Mutton Masala

(Cooked in Red Gracy along with Minced Meat & Green Peas topped with Grated Egg)

Rs. 510 Mutton Saag

(Mutton cooked in thick Spinach Gravy)

Rs. 470 Kimma Matar

(Minced Mutton cooked in Red Gravy along with Green Peas)

Rs. 590 Mutton Handi

(Boneless Mutton cooked in Cashewnut Red Gravy)

Rs. 610 Mutton Navaratna Korma

(Boneless Mutton cooked in White Cashewnut Gravy along with Fruits & Vegetables)


Rs. 510 Paneer seekh Kabab

( Paneer, Cheese & Dry Fruits Cooked on Skewers with Wide Variety of Rich Spices)

Rs. 500 Paneer Tikka

( Cubes of Paneer Marinated & Cooked on Skewers Taste Sweet & Sour)

Rs. 510 Paneer Haryali Tikka

( Combination of Green Coriander Mint & wide Range of Spices along with Paneer)

Rs. 460 Hara Bhara Kabab

(Mashed Green Peas mixed with Spices & Paneer cooked on Hot Plate)

Rs. 510 Veg. Platter

( Vegetable on Skewers along with Rich Spices cooked in Tandoori)


Rs. 160 Roomali Roti

( Large Chapati made as thin as Handkerchief)

Rs. 195 Kulcha

(Prepared from White Flour with Stuffing Masala, Onion, Paneer or as Preffered)

Rs. 470 Keema Naan

(Prepared from White Flour with Minced Meat Stuffing)

Rs. 195 Paratha

(Lachha, Potato, Paneer, Pudding or as Preffered)

Rs. 440 Afghani Naan

( Prepared from White Flour & Topped with Rich Dry Fruits)

Rs. 420 Kabuli Naan

( Prepared from White Flour & Paneer Topped with Rich Dry Fruits)


Rs. 360 Vegetable Biryani

(Rich Aromatic Rice cooked in Copper Handi along with Best Mixed Seasonal Vegetables & Enerzised with Saffron & Water of Kewda & Rose)

Rs. 480 Chicken Biryani

( Chicken Marinated cooked with Mild Spice & Layered with Rich Aromatic Rice cooked in Copper Handi & Enerzised with Saffron & Water of Kewda & Rose)

Rs. 530 Mutton Biryani

(Mutton Marinated cooked with Mild Spice & Layered with Rich Aromatic Rice cooked in Copper Handi & Enerzised with Saffron & Water of Kewda & Rose)

Rs. 450 Kasmiri Pulao

( Aromatic Rice cooked & Enerzised with Rice Dry Fruits)

Rs. 340 Pulao

( Peas or Paneer or Mixed Vegetable or Mushroom or as Preffered


Rs. 350 Daal Makhani

(Black Daal cooked & Tempered with Ginger Onion Tomato & Butter)

Rs. 340 Daal Tadka

( Whole Lentils Mung cooked & Toassed in Pan)

Curries & Vegetables

Rs. 440 Navratna Korma

(Best Seasonal Vegetables along with Dry Fruits, Saffron & Paneer cooked in Rich Cashewnut Gravy)

Rs. 450 Palak Paneer

(Spinach Churned & cooked in Mild Rich Spice along with Paneer)

Rs. 420 Matar Paneer

(Cooked in Yellow rich Creamy Cashewnut Gravy along with Green Peas & Paneer)

Rs. 450 Malai Kofta

(Dumpling prepared from Mixed Vegetable along with Potato Paneer cooked in Rich Yellow Gravy)

Rs. 410 Aloo Gobi

(Pieces of Cauliflower & Potato Cooked in thick Red Gravy)

Rs. 495 Kashmiri Aloodam

(Stuffed Potatoes with Paneer & Dry Fruits cooked in Red Mild Spicy Khatta Meettha Gravy)

Rs. 515 Paneer Pasinda

(Paneer Sandwiched with Cheese cooked in Yellow Gravy slightely sweet in Taste)

Rs. 450 Veg. Jaipuri

(Fesh mixed Vegetables cooked along with Cheese/Cream)

Rs. 515 Paneer Kadai

(Cubes of cottage cheese(Paneer) along with capsicum and onion cooked in red cash nut gravy)

Rs. 440 Matar Aloo Curry

(A combination of greenpeas and potato cooked in yellow gravy)

Rs. 380 Chicken Bharta

(Semi Mashed Chicken cooked with Cream in thick Gravy)

Rs. 535 Chicken Dopyaja

(Chicken cooked in Rich Yellow thick Gravy of Cashewnut together with Onion Leaf Capsicum & Greem Peas)

Rs. 550 Chicken Masala

(Chicken cooked in Rich Red Cashewnut Gravy topped with Grated Egg)

Rs. 535 Chicken Saag

(Chicken cooked in thick Spinach Gravy)

Rs. 590 Chicken Patiyala

(Boneless Chicken cooked in medium Spiced Red Gravy wrapped in Omelette)

Rs. 440 Veg. kofta

(dumpling of mixed veg cooked in yellow gravy)

Rs. 570 Chicken Sultana

(cubed chicken cooked separetly done in yellow gravy)


Rs. 470 Fish Butter Masala

(Boneless Fish Cooked in Tomato Cashewnut Gravy topped with Cream)

Rs. 510 Fish Dopyaja

(Cooked in Rich thick Yellow Gravy of Cashewnut along with Onion, Onion leaf, Capsicum & Green Peas)

Rs. 520 Fish Masala

(Thick Red Spicy Gravy topped Grated egg)


Rs. 1050 Prawn Curry

(Cooked in thin Yellow Gravy Mild Spicy)


Rs. 220 Raita

(Yoghurt Churned & Mixed with Choice: Cucumber or Bundia or Onion)

Rs. 225 Mixed Garden Salad

(Slices of Fresh Cucumber, Raddish, Carrot, Tomato & Lettuce)


Hakka Noodles


Fried Rice

Chinese Curry Dishes